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Strategic Planning

At NEXCELLENCE we believe forecasting the future is rooted in what is known today and what can be imagined for tomorrow. Strategy and risk management are therefore two faces of the same coin. Executing the strategic plan depends not only on how you lead but also how you manage your day-to-day. NEXCELLENCE helps you formulate or review but more importantly execute your winning strategy. Our strategy formulation exercise draws heavily not only on research and analysis of facts and figures, on real-world analogy modeling and scenario planning including risk management, but also on applying proven frameworks for assessing competitive advantages and disadvantages on the long-term as well as the short-term. Formulating the strategy is only half the job. To succeed, you can count on us to work with you for installing relevant and effective strategy execution frameworks: We supply supporting performance management tool in partnership with Kippy, the user-friendly, quick to implement, and flexible cloud-based performance management system designed for secure governance, cascading, as well as monitoring and controlling the execution of the strategy at all levels in your enterprise, no matter the size of your operations. Contact us for knowledge you can grow with.

We follow gold-standard frameworks and methods in strategic planning and execution

Sample strategy review project plan
Sample strategy review project plan

We plan and execute on customized steps that best suit your requirements and the complexities you face

We leverage a variety of strategic planning frameworks, tools, and methods appropriately selected to suit your requirements

We advise on the Change Management implications and can guide your team towards successful implementation

Implementation Management AssociatesImplementation Management Associates

*Accelerated Implementation Methodology (AIM) is copyright of Implementation Management Associates – imaworldwide.com. Used with permission.

We bring your strategy execution to life with high-quality deliverables and a dynamic performance management system

kippy performance management systemkippy performance management system

We bridge critical information gaps with research: We design and execute primary market research on top of desktop research

These are sample slides from a quantitative structured survey (download) conducted to understand pet animal veterinary needs in Dubai.